Anti-Fraud Tensor-link for Checks

A common problem that is currently on the rise has to do with something that plays a big role in every ones lives. Money, and more so, checks. Checks have been around for almost 600 years, and they are now being misused. According to the FBI, there is an estimated $18.7 billion that the US loses annually due to fraud checks. There are over a million checks a day that get forged just in the US. This has even shown to be an upwards trend, as the number of cases of this happening increased almost 23% in just 2020. And comparing that year to the numbers in 2022, the data shows that the number of cases have doubled. Experts are even saying that in 2023 -24, it might reach $24 billion. This is where we can introduce you all to AFTL4C.

Introducing AFTL4C

This is an advanced check fraud detection in real time. You can detect check fraud and protect your institution from financial losses with our cutting edge Artificial Intelligence/ Machine Learning based solution, Anti-fraud Tensor-link for checks(AFTL4C). By leveraging the power of Generative Adversarial Network (GAN) technology, AFTL4C compares multiple factors on scanned check images to swiftly identify potential counterfeits instantaneously.

AFTL4C assigns a confidence point to each object within the scanned check image, categorizing it as good, fraudulent, or requiring further review. This smart solution is fully scalable and configurable, enabling it to seamlessly detect fraud during live transactions. By accurately differentiating genuine behavior from fraudulent activities, AFTL4C significantly reduces false positives, ensuring efficient real-time fraud detection.

How is this possible?

SaaS * Real-time * AFTL4C -GAN AI platform model (Patent Pending ) * Cloud Native* API

Protect your institution, mitigate risks, and safeguard your financial assets with AFTL4C. Experience the future of cheque fraud detection today. Contact us to learn more or schedule a demo.

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