Experience the cutting-edge capabilities of Prabh's AFTL4C model, leveraging Google's TensorFlow framework and GAN technique to revolutionize check fraud detection. Our model utilizes a Generative Adversarial Network to analyze a comprehensive historical database of scanned checks, distinguishing between fraudulent and non-fraudulent check images.

Through real-time comparison of various factors on scanned check images with our repository, the AFTL4C model swiftly identifies potential counterfeits. Each object within the check image is assigned a confidence point, categorizing it as good, fraudulent, or requiring further review. With scalability and configurability at its core, our AFTL4C solution seamlessly adapts to the evolving needs of your enterprise.

Some of the key features

SaaS * Real-time * AFTL4C -GAN AI platform model (Patent Pending ) * Cloud Native* API

Next-gen AI Trained model to detect check fraud detection